Traveling With A Complete Stranger

It was mid-September and I was dying to escape on another trip. If you have been following my blog you would know that I have to travel somewhere at least once a quarter or I go crazy.  So I did what I usually do and that is reached out to my friends to see who would be down to go on a mini Asia tour. Overall the answer the answer was a usual one and no one could go.

I didn’t let my friends not coming to stop me, I decided to move forward with the solo trip idea. As I did something in me told me to throw my travel plans out there in the universe. So I decided to mention my trip in one of the many travel GroupMe’s I rarely talk in. 20 mins later and an Erica DM’ed me saying that she was interested in going.

From there we planned out our trip to Malaysia, Bali, and Cambodia vis GroupMe. Trip planning was easy as we both were very flexible with each other’s opinions and time. The trip turned out to be an amazing experience full of memories and photos.

Since this was my first time planning a trip with someone I never met before I listed out the pros and cons of the overall experience.


  • You always had a personal photographer. Something you don’t have when you are traveling solo and for me, my friends hate taking photos so I could never ask them for one. Erica and I probably have a shared album of over a 1000 photo and we both were able to capture some dope moments.

  • The obvious, you’re not traveling alone. Asia is pretty far away and when you are going for a while having someone with you to talk to is always great. Also as a woman who likes to party abroad, It’s always great to have a partner with you in a foreign country.


  • Different eating lifestyles: Erica is vegan and I am a person that would eat almost anything in front of them especially meat. It was hard because there were specific vegan restaurants that she may have really wanted to try but because I love meat I would rather eat somewhere else. Overall someone had to sacrifice each time we ate a meal, but we worked it out in the long haul.
  • Personality:  Just want to preface this with the fact that Erica and I hit it off great and never had a clash of personalities. This is just a general con, for example, I live in New York a fast pace hustle and bustle city while Erica lives in California and was from North Carolina. We were often at two different paces on the trip, I tended to walk, talk, and eat a lot faster than here. But that’s strictly based on the average pace of our everyday lives.

Milah’s tip: Sometimes talking to strangers over the internet can turn out to be positive. Don’t cancel a trip because you don’t have anyone to go with, there’s someone out there that may be interested in the same trip chances are you may not know them yet.


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