My First All-Inclusive Vacation!!!

My First All-Inclusive Vacation!!!

Hey loves so I know what you’re thinking for someone who travels so much how can I just now be experiencing an all-inclusive for the first time. I know I’m late in the game to this lifestyle of total relaxation, but I think im all caught up and here are some of the Pros and Cons of the experience.

In the case you were wondering I stayed at the Dreams Riviera Resort in Puertos Morelos… essentially Cancun.


All you can eat and drink!! For a woman who loves her food and alcohol this felt like heaven. The restaurants were really good they had Hibachi, Italian, Mexican. I knew I loved the place when I walked in and was immediately handed champagne ( and a few more as I was standing in line checking in). Travelling in the past there was always the decision to pick up bottles duty-free or count on luck that we would find a liquor store. One thing for sure we always found a bar. It was definitely nice not to have to worry about those things for a change.

Beach Front!! If you love relaxing by the beach this resort was perfect. I didn’t have to travel but a few steps from my hotel.

Spa!! Love love love the spa there. Spa was not apart of the all-inclusive so all packages were of extra charge.We received VIP credits when we went so we were able to get a discount on our services. We also got a complimentary Hydrotherapy treatment. When I tell you I’ve never experience anything so relaxing in my life! So what was the Hydrotherapy experience you ask well first you sit in a hot sauna for 5 min then take a quick cold shower then spend another 5 minutes in a steam room followed by a dip into a freezing pool. From there they took me to a long pool to multiple water pressure experiences. One for your feet, neck and back and then you finish it off in a Jacuzzi. From  the I received a 50 minute aromatherapy message which I loved.

Staff!!They were amazing, they don’t hound you for tips which I assume they are trained to not to do. They were literally around for everything  I needed with a smile on their face and the occasional corny joke.


Resort:So we ended up staying at a family resort which was ok but a lot of the activities were geared towards children. Being that I’m a young adult that tries very hard to avoid younger kids it was at times annoying to share the hot tub with a 10yr old. While we were there we were constantly told that we should have went to the all adult resort where women can be topless. Bottom line I know to do more research on the type of experience I want to have and plan my stay that way.

Taxi:catching a taxi was so expensive it was $52 one way from the airport and at night if you wanted to go to playa de Carmen for Cancun it would cost $40 one way. Ughhh we wished we rented a car.

Night Life: On the resort the night life was not geared towards those who are in their mid 20s we wanted to escape almost every night. We did end up going to Playa de Carmen but the hotel up sold us on this club that we ended up hating so we left to go explore.

Overall I don’t think resorts are something I would do often. I like being close to the culture of the country and experiencing a life that isn’t catered to Americans or Europeans. Having free food and drink handed to at any hour is great but doesn’t make the great thing about traveling in my view. I think next time I will only go for weddings and when i’m older with kids. I had a great trip full of relaxations and another stamp in the book for Mexico.

Milah’s Tip: Determine the type of travel you want to be before you book. If you do want to relax with all the luxuries of an all-inclusive I recommend Dreams. 

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