Curacao Paradise

Curacao Paradise

Hey Loves,

So today’s post is about my quick trip to Curacao. I wanted to share this with everyone especially Americans because not that many people have heard of this little Dutch island.

First and foremost it’s pronounced “Ku-rah-sou” not not “Ku-ra-Kao”. I learned that the hard way on day two of the trip when the young and very cute hotel concierge laughed at my friends and I for saying it wrong.

So you might be wondering more about this Island you never heard and I’m happy to share with you the little bit but I learned from the trip. It’s apart of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and sits in between the caribbean island Bonair and Aruba. It’s known for their beautiful beaches and they are beautiful.


The part of the island we decided to stay in was Willemsted which is the capital. We stayed at this really cute waterfront hotel called Papagayo beach hotel. The rooms where huge and fairly priced. They also offered villas and apartment styled rooms for larger groups or those who decided to stay longer than a couple of weeks. It was very close to a couple restaurants and one of the main party bars on the island. The best part that it was literally a 3 minute walk to the beach. I love easy access.


The native people of Curacao are very beautiful and friendly. I mean the men were gorgeous. Everyone that we encountered was very positive and very generous with time and advice. It is a tourist driven country so the natives are use to dealing with people from out of town could be part of it. But for the main part my friends and I felt pretty safe walking around at night as a group.

Night Life

Because it was such a small city everyone pretty much goes to the same places every night. They have a weekly calendar of events and parties and essentially everyone is there from the locals to the tourist. There weren’t many places that were locals only, which we so desperately tried to find. We went to place that had Reggae, EDM and Hip Hop so there was music for almost everyone.

Local travel

It’s probably best to rent a car while you are there. Taxi’s were so expensive, it was a good thing we were in a group and were able to split the cost but transportation added up very quickly. We took their local bus a couple of times which saved us some money it was a little under $2 for a ride and was completely safe. Even at 11pm when we were trying to go out. Actually during that time its mainly young adults from Europe drinking beer heading to the same party on the island. So if you were going to party you were in good company.

My Opinion

Overall if you are looking for a beach getaway to a place where flights are very cheap Curacao is worth checking out. It’s a place that Americans don’t often flock to and the people and beaches are beautiful. If your interested I say definitely add this stamp in your passport for a quick weekend getaway!

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