Excuses Excuses Excuses: Reasons why people tell me  they can’t travel

Excuses Excuses Excuses: Reasons why people tell me they can’t travel

Hey there! So I always get comments like “how are you able travel so much” and “I wish I could travel like you but I just can’t”. I usually follow-up and say that I make traveling a priority in my life. I would go crazy if I don’t leave the country from time to time and if you want to go just go . At this point I hear some sort of excuse as to why that can’t do it. This quick snippet is on how I’m calling their BS. If traveling internationally is truly a goal of yours I promise you it’s attainable. Here are some of the excuses I get often and if you know you’ve said any of these things then this is for you!

“I don’t have enough time” “My job only gives me a small amount of PTO”

  • There’s a great saying out there “You make time for the things you love”. This is true in terms of relationships, hobbies and yes traveling. As a person that only has 20 PTO days and travels to at least 5 countries a year I’m telling you its possible!! Schedule to leave around a holiday. Instead of using your days off to stay at home or go to a place you been to a million times like Vegas, go somewhere new and remote.

” I don’t have anyone to travel with” “It’s hard to get my friends to come to a decision on anything travel related”

  • You don’t need the whole group chat to agree on a trip for you to pack your bags and get away. I usually get one friend to agree on a place and time and then allow other people to make up their mind after I book. A lot of my travels have been with a bunch of people I barely knew with the exception of one and trust me I’ve always had a good time. Trust me you don’t need your whole friend group to have a good time. There are also a number of pre planned group trips that encourage solo travelers. That gives you the opportunity to meet new people and often make the trip tailored to exactly what you want to do.

“I can’t afford to travel” 

  • At face value this excuse may appear to be valid but when I get more background on the person I’m speaking to I notice it slightly BS. If you are the type of person that goes out every weekend and drops around $200-$500 on that alone you can definitely afford a trip. It just requires you to drink a little less and save. Which brings me to me real point saving is key. If you have a country in mind but your current bank account says other wise, plan a far enough date and save a bit every week until you reach that goal. Yes that may require sacrifices in other areas but I’m sure buying less drinks and new clothes will be beneficial in the long run. Also take advantage of all the deals out there when it comes to flights, hotels, credit cards. I’ve written a whole insert on it go read it to find out more.


  • I know some of you are like what are you kidding me “wasn’t that a 2016 thing?”, answer is yes it’s usually a certain demographic that typically has this concern. Although I find this not a large enough excuse to hold me back from going to a country like Mexico or Costa Rica, apparently its a real concern. The obvious answer here that there are so many countries where Zika is not a concern, try any place in Europe. Not a good enough excuse so I’m calling BS.

“I’ve traveled to Miami that’s essentially like me traveling to latin America” 

  • So I’ve known so many people who claim that they are doing big traveling moves because they are in Miami 2-3 times a year. Don’t get me wrong I love Miami it’s a lot of fun but I suggest being open to trying new places. Trust me seeing little Cuba in Miami is nothing like the real experience in Cuba. Miami may be the place everyone is at for spring break and Art Basel but whats cooler your 10th time in the city or you 1st passport stamp in a place like Columbia? So I call this excuse total BS!

Milah’s Tip: If you truly have a country in mind you would like to visit plan it out far enough in advance so that you can have time to get your schedule, travel partners  and bag right. Don’t let set backs cancel your trip, if you have the mindset that you are going you will!

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